Isaac was excellent, definitely seemed like he was the most well connected, and positive guide on the trail.Lunch - Stuffed pepper, steak with mushroom, Egg Salad, Fried rice(with pork), lentil soup.

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Dinner - As usual started with happy hour, pop corn etc., Pizza etc. and I do not have a picture.

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We stopped here for maybe 15-20min and started our hike down.After a brief walk, we came to a check point where our permits were verified.We went to the agricultural terraces, Temple of four elements, quarters, main square, Huayana pichu entrance, astronomical clock etc. where we ended the trip.We continued our hike down and got to the spot to get a representative view of Machu Pichu but it was still foggy and after about 15-20min, we started exploring rest of the sites.

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At Km. 82, we secured all our stuff and proceeded to the check point.

Day 3 - It was a bit colder as expected and supposed to be the longest day.This is more like a pre-trail test and depending on how you feel, you can make a decision to continue or return.Cooks, guide and office staff were always quick with a solution and answered all questions.Our tour guide was Isaac, and he was teamed up with an excellent chef- Walter, and porter team lead by Benedict.The path after this was undulating before it went steep down after Phuyupatamarca campsite.Se pueden caminar a su propio paso, parando a recuperar su aliento cuando quisiesen.

We will help distribute the items to people who really need them in small village schools and communities in the mountains of Lares.We were about one hour early than the group here and the weather changed very rapidly with clouds reducing visibility.We stopped for breakfast at Urubamba and got acquainted with rest of the team.The fog started to disperse around 11am and we went back up to get our pictures, took us about 20min.The group caught up with us at the first Inca site, a watch tower, Runkurakay.

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After here, it was going down to the last campsite which also had a bunch of other teams.After a few minutes of ascent, we stopped for a quick break, sunscreen, bug spray, rest room etc., before we started the steep hike.

An spiritual journey for your mind, body and soul. you will come back different.Staff and hotel accomodations at the Matqueses Hotel (two doors away from SAS office) was tremendous too.We woke up early as the porters had to pack up and leave to catch their train.As we were slower than the group, we started hiking 20-30min earlier.Day 1 - We started out on a bus at 6am with the team, guides and cooks.This site had a lot of other groups camping as well, with common bathrooms (an experience I would like to erase of my Inca Trail trip).Porters were picked up along the way at Ollataytambo and we proceeded to Km. 82 (which I believe is the rail road mile marker).


Elias was a wonderful guide and the porters and cook cooked up delicious food and looked after us so well.Ahead of going around the sites, we exited Machu Pichu and re-entered after leaving out bags at storage.Day 4 - After three days of beautiful weather, it started raining and kept on from the previous night to early this morning.Office Hours: Mon to Sat: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm - Sun: From 4:00 to 7:30 pm.After here, we kept going down to Intipata, where there were more terrace farms and we could get beautiful views of the valley, train tracks and we saw a herd of llamas grazing.Tip - If you are at slow or on the latter half of the group to arrive, I would suggest starting early, say 15-30min, so you can catch up with everyone at lunch and then do the same so everyone meets up as close as possible at campsites etc.Machu Picchu a la luz de documentos de siglo XVI...

Tips - 1 - Make sure to get electrolyte powder and keep hydrated.

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The weather can change very rapidly here, the clouds started moving in with moderate visibility.

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Vuelos internos o domesticos: con: Peruvian Airlines o Star Peru.We could also see another storage site and the lunch site site as well.The bathroom was nice at this location and probably maintained by one of the villagers.It offered fantastic views of the surrounding mountain range.The drainage infrastructure constructed by the Inca at ancient Machu Picchu represents a significant public.

This was larger, was a watch tower, had a sacrifical place, living quarters etc.We had happy hour with hot chocolate, tea, biscuits, coffee, conversation, POPCORN etc.The path after here was steep down until we reached the next Inca site.Lunch - Ceviche to stat, Avoacado salad, Giant corn kernel cobs, rice, fish, mint tea.