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If all the cassettes, 8 tracks, vinyl, and CDs gather in the corner collecting dust, are they worth keeping.My guess is she will not release the new album to streamers when it drops but is using the back catalogue as a way to wet the appetite for the new product.Now, no one here can seem to find a consistent answer as to how musicians can make money off of their music other than of course live shows.But the fact that the culture as a whole and even old music lovers like yourself are abandoning the album to clear out their clutter means the album as a collection of songs meant to be heard in their entireity is dying if not dead.I still remember the excitement when that original 100 song ipod was announced as I clutched my discman in my sweaty teenaged hand.

Anyways, I read your post and thought it would be one of those controversial hot topics.One reason why musicians drag around suitcases of merchandise from show to show is because while people might not actually listen to your vinyl or CD, they enjoy having a souvenir.You always had the option of picking up the needle and dropping it whenever you wanted, just most of us were too stoned to get up and do it.You can release a cassette tape of music that was initially recorded on any medium.I stopped listening to albums in their entirety when I bought my first iPod and discovered the shuffle feature.There were problems with pricing and marketing, and the triangular shape of the player was unpopular as it is not convenient for either pocket or home.

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How can I covert them to perhaps a MP3 file at high speed rather.A lot of folks, even young people, have ruined their hearing with things like earbuds at excessive volume and ampified live music sans earplugs.

Euclid Records, Music Record Store, and Vintage Vinyl come to mind.Description: The Sony CFD-S50 Boombox delivers sound with a good quality and is a good solution for bringing music along with you.

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Question: I have over 1500 (Yes, 1500) 30-minute audio tapes that I want to save and make sortable.The idea that artists should make a living from their art is relatively new in history.

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I hope this changes in the future, as higher quality media become more common and Mp3s go extinct.I guess you can rip it to a computer, but that would be a big pain in the butt.The past 20 years have seen digital technology take over the world of filmmaking, not only in terms of how we shoot and edit, but also how we store our footage.The following steps for removing your cassette assume that you have a cassette freehub.But I beleive you are mistaken that streaming killed the album.His basement is different than mine in that he has three sump pumps and it is climate controlled.

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It should have a equaliser like poweramp. the tape inside the cassette should be proportionate to album, folder wise.

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If you want to take the time to really get into the marketplace, use Discogs and not eBay.

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Very easy to use. - Touch for play or pause. - Swipe right for next song. - Swipe left for previous song. - Swipe down for next cassette.For under ten bucks a month there are over 30 million songs to fulfill my needs. 62,500 days of unlimited listening, give or take.

Hoboken veterans survey three decades of eclectic indie rock.Cassette Tape Head Cleaner-Standard cassette tape mechanism cleaning kit.It is true, now you can keep all the great cassettes you had forever.